Fort Lauderdale Orchid Show 2005

Here are a few quick pictures from the show, some are from the award table and some were shot at the booths. Some of the tags were very difficult to read, I did the best I could.

Epic. Rene Marques 'Flamethrower' HCC/AOS

Epi. pseudoepidendrum x C. claesiani

Paph. Toni Semple

haynaldianum x lowii

Paph. Susan Booth
'Danny Rodriguez'

rothschildianum x praestans

Trichoglottis rosea

Rynchostylis giganta var. alba

(I think)

Cycnoches warscewiczii
Cycnoches warscewiczii
Catasetum schunkei
Dendrobium Star Groly 'Noriko'
Epidendrum stanfordianum
Aerangis luteo-alba
Dendrobium spectabile
Dendrochilum wenzelii
Cattleya Landate


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