Bulbophyllum tollenoniferum


This plant was labeled Bulb. macranthum when I purchased it. When it bloomed it was quite obvious that was incorrect. Jim Cootes was kind enough to properly identify it on clubBulbo. It can be smelled from quite a distance, it has a disgusting (to me) sweet mustard smell. The flower is 5cm wide and 4cm tall with the petals naturally curved.
RF Orchids


These are the first pictures I took the day after it opened. I was in a hurry to take these because I expected the flower to close up like it did the previous night, however it wound up staying open all night. The flower was originally upside down, I repositioned it for the photos below.
Lip down
Lip up
New buds
Lip up
Lip down
Whole plant, fern at the bottom.




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